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Church of the Redeemer is blessed to have a close partnership with Redeemer Community Partnership (RCP), a nonprofit Christian community development corporation that works in conjunction with Church of the Redeemer to address issues of injustice and inequality in our neighborhood. RCP’s mission is to create safe, healthy, opportunity-rich communities where children, youth and their families thrive.
After-school Tutoring Program - Adventures Ahead​

Several of RCP’s programs have been key to the health of our community. The Adventures Ahead tutoring program focuses on literacy and homework assistance for students in Kindergarten to 6th grade. Directed by Lauren Tigrett, Adventures Ahead has recently begun a new initiative to provide tutoring for middle school students struggling with math.

Community Building & Advocacy Initiatives

RCP has also led several community-building initiatives to re-weave the frayed social fabric of our community. With RCP’s leadership, neighbors have worked together to form neighborhood watch groups, close nuisance liquor stores, gate alleys, paint murals and host community events such as the annual Harvest Carnival, advocate against toxic urban oil drilling operations, and bring back investments into safer, urban street design.

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