In addition to our regular Sunday and Saturday worship gatherings, Church of the Redeemer also meets throughout the week in smaller home fellowships.

Home fellowship gatherings typically include a shared meal, Bible study, and prayer. For many, home fellowships have served as a source of deeper relational connection and Christian community. Home fellowships are also the church’s vehicle for discipleship, leadership development, and evangelistic momentum.

During these challenging times, due to COVID 19, our home fellowships are meeting via zoom. It is not the same as sharing a meal and studying the good word together, but it is still a good place to be filled with the Holy Spirit and be family.

If you are interested in visiting a home fellowship, see the schedule to the right and contact us for more information. We will be glad to share a meal and study with you!

Friday Night 

Christy & Janelle

Friday Night
Women's, English

Kalissa & Rachel

Friday Night

Pastor Carlos, Patti, and Juan