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Church of the Redeemer started gathering in the USC/Exposition Park area of Los Angeles in 2003, and has been growing ever since. We are a multi-cultural family of faith, in the community, for the community. We hope to always be the message of love and unity among believers in our local context. At the same time, we hope to be of service in demonstrating the love of God to others and inviting them into fellowship with Jesus. This has meant several things for us since the beginning of this ministry in the mid-1990s. As you will see from the description of our ministries, we are a locally focused congregation; this means both that ministry activities take place primarily within a certain geographic area and that those who participate in our fellowship and ministries are encouraged to live within that area. We value Christian fellowship that extends beyond a worship service or other church events. There is a strong value for community – a tightly woven network of honored relationships that are built over time through common life together – and a shared concern for the health and well-being of the place to which God has called us.


We welcome members and participants from many different church backgrounds and denominations. People who have Catholic and various Protestant backgrounds worship and serve God together. We believe in the lordship of Jesus Christ; any who are his followers or want to learn more about what it means to be a disciple are welcome to join our worship services. Everyone who joins us is encouraged and challenged to broaden and deepen their faith as they continue in the journey God has them on.


The church is part of the broader association of the Evangelical Covenant Church; we also have respect for the work of God in various other Christian associations. We have affinity for the Christian Community Development Association and its founder, John Perkins, who has pioneered significant work in churches becoming agents of change in their communities.  We are associated with Servant Partners, a church-planting mission that focuses its work in slums internationally. We hope to always collaborate with others in the work of the kingdom locally and abroad.


"When we care for individuals who are trapped in these ways, when we show them love and help them move toward freedom and wholeness, we participate in bringing a little part of God's Kingdom back into alignment with His greater plan."

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