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Church of the Redeemer is a multi-cultural family of faith, in the community, for the community.

To invite every member of our diverse local community into a spiritual family that is

Growing together as disciples of Jesus

Worshipping God from the heart

Loving one another deeply

across every boundary

Sharing God's love in word and action

Working and praying for

God's justice and peace


God transforms lives

God seeks the lost

God breaks down the dividing walls

God loves sacrificially

God delights in justice


Members of the Church of the Redeemer community commit our hearts, our hands and our wills to:

  • Pursuing the mission of planting Church of the Redeemer through prayer and outreach.

  • Attending worship services weekly.

  • Practicing reconciliation with all other church members.

  • Supporting fellow members of our church through prayer, service, and sharing of resources.

  • Living simply in order to practice generosity.

  • Tithing our earnings to the church.

  • Seeking to grow in holiness and love for God.

  • Assuming a specific role of service or leadership in one of our church's ministries.

  • Confessing and asking help from other members of our fellowship when we struggle in keeping these commitments.

For more information on the Evangelical Covenant Church and its beliefs, please visit their website.


Called to be Rooted

Our sense of this calling had two primary directions. The first was an affirmation to our specific parish: to continue our ministry, outreach and focus to the geographic area where we have planted and grown. Applications of this calling include our choice of a location in which to worship and the physical boundaries of our parish. The second direction was a call to be deeply rooted in Jesus. 


Called to be Prophetic

We are called to be a light to those around us, to live differently and against the powers and principalities of this place, so that others might see the difference Christ makes. Racism, greed, individualism and violence are some of the specific principalities of our context that we feel called to stand against. 


Called to be Multicultural

We do not form friendships or reach out only to those of our own race, ethnicity or language, but intentionally build relationships around the barriers that usually divide those within our country.


Called to be Bridge-Builders

We care for all the folks in our parish; those of different races, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds, those who have been here many years and those who have just recently arrived. We are called to build bridges between enemies and strangers, and to call all of them to just and faithful walks with Jesus and a sacrificial love for others. 


Called to be Compassionate

We are called to care for the weak, the poor, and the struggling. Just as God shows a particular concern for the vulnerable, we want our culture and policies to bend toward care for this group. As our neighborhood increases in desirability and cost, we show compassion to those that are displaced from our area, and seek to implement gracious flexibility to some of our boundary policies in order to avoid limiting church membership and involvement to those with greater financial resources.

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