Weekly Announcements 7/31/17

1. Resources from Prayer & Worship Night: If you missed the First Contemplative Prayer & Worship Night, but want to learn more about Contemplative practices, please find attached a quick guide about Breath Prayer in English and Spanish.  This is the exercise we practiced as a community.  If you have questions about Breath Prayer, feel free to contact Sharon.  Stay tuned for a Second Contemplative Prayer & Worship Night, where we will get to practice more!
2. "Justice Delayed is Justice Denied" Community Action Day : We've recently marked the 400th day since our community filed with the City for nuisance abatement at the Jefferson Drill Site. Nearly six months have passed since the public hearing in January and still the City has not issued a determination in the case. We are also far beyond the two months promised to the community specified in the City's municipal code for a determination. A press conference is being planned for the morning of Saturday, August 19 to call on the City to stop delaying justice for our community. All of the details are TBD at this point but we will keep you updated with more details. Please contact Niki for questions.

3. Back to School Service & Potluck:  Our Back to School Service & Potluck is coming up on August 13.   Please join us in celebrating our students and teachers at our Back to School service and potluck.  To help with planning, sign up at the back table or online to bring a dish or to help with set-up or clean-up.  We would love to bless our church family and any visitors with an abundance of food, so please bring a good quantity as you are able.   Warmer pans will be available next week if you plan to bring something that needs to stay hot.  Looking forward to celebrating with everyone!