Jade's grandmother's memorial service

Dear Church,

The memorial service for Jade Browne's grandmother, Mrs. Mary Goode, will be this Saturday, September 18th at 11am at her church.  Anyone is welcome to attend.  The church address is:
St. Reed Missionary Baptist Church
656 East 79th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90001-3206

There will be a repast afterwards at the church.

Flowers may be sent to:
Harrison-Ross Mortuary View Park Chapel (#571)
4601 S Crenshaw Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90043
(323) 584-1230      

If you have any questions, please let me know.  


Weekly announcements - Housing need & stroller left last Sunday

Hello Church,

I hope your week has gone well so far.  Below are two announcements for you to read. 

  • Housing Need - A brother in the church is in need of housing.  If you have a room that he could use/share or a garage or other space that he could move into, please contact Jared Yamaguchi .  He could probably afford to contribute around $200/month towards rent.  
  • Stroller left at church last Sunday - Somebody left a gray stroller at church on Sunday.  Right now Tabitha Shannon has it in her apartment.  Please call Tabitha if it is yours or e-mail her. 


Sunday Service needs/opportunities

Dear Church,

We are blessed to have volunteers who serve on Sundays in order for Sunday service to run smoothly.  After a meeting with Sunday service ministry leaders earlier this summer, some needs were presented for each department that we would like to invite you to pray and consider being a part of.  Below is the list of the departments that run our Sunday service and their needs: 

  • Youth Group: They now have 4 people including Pastor Elliot that form the youth staff team. An additional 2 staff members would be ideal - responsibilities can include attending Wed night meetings and leading small groups and providing rides; mentoring youth and teaching periodically. We would also love to have 5 more folks who can serve in a more focused role as mentors, Sunday youth church teachers, or tutors. These roles are flexible so if you're interested, please contact Pastor Elliot. Worship Team: Worship team consists of sound team, Sunday worship, translating, powerpoint presentation, and youth worship team. The powerpoint presentation team needs 2 more volunteers. The sound team also needs 2 more volunteers.
  • Translation Team: The translation team needs Spanish-speaking folks to help translate our services, ideally 4 volunteers total per month.
  • Children's Church: This group needs about 4 more volunteers per week. This would include teaching from curriculum, checking in with parents about pick up after church, and helping transport the supplies for them. They are also requesting some teachers that are Spanish speaking.
  • Set-up/Van: Our set-up crew drives the church van to transport, and load and unload all of our equipment and supplies. This crew needs about 1-3 more drivers, and volunteers in general to help load and unload our equipment.
  • Ushering/Hospitality Team: This team ideally needs 3 volunteers for every Sunday. Right now they have about 2 volunteers every Sunday, and it would be helpful to have a third person. Serving on this team would include welcoming our visitors, collecting/counting our offerings, and on a monthly basis helping to serve a light lunch to our congregation.
  • Nursery: The nursery volunteers take care of little ones younger than 3, from the start of church at 10 am to the end of service, including setting up and cleaning up nursery supplies. With the influx of little 4 babies who have joined nursery or are soon joining nursery, we are needing some more hands! We need 4-5 more volunteers who can serve once a month.

Please be praying for the Lord to provide for the needs of these various departments. We have some dedicated brothers and sisters serving that need more dedicated brothers and sisters to help Redeemer Sunday service run smoothly. Please pray for where God may be leading you in terms of service and involvement in the church. Please direct any questions, or interest to me by e-mail at Sharon.song@redeemerla.org or when you see me in person. An additional announcement will be made at church this Sunday, and sign up sheets will be available at the back table.