About Us

Welcome to Church of the Redeemer!

We are so glad to have you with us. Church of the Redeemer started gathering in the USC/Exposition Park area of Los Angeles in 2003, and has been growing ever since. We are a multi-cultural family of faith, in the community, for the community. We hope to always be the message of love and unity among believers in our local context. At the same time, we hope to be of service in demonstrating the love of God to others and inviting them into fellowship with Jesus. This has meant several things for us since the beginning of this ministry in the mid-1990s. As you will see from the description of our ministries, we are a locally focused congregation; this means both that ministry activities take place primarily within a certain geographic area and that those who participate in our fellowship and ministries are encouraged to live within that area. We value Christian fellowship that extends beyond a worship service or other church events. There is a strong value for community – a tightly woven network of honored relationships that are built over time through common life together – and a shared concern for the health and well-being of the place to which God has called us.

We welcome members and participants from many different church backgrounds and denominations. People who have Catholic and various Protestant backgrounds worship and serve God together. We believe in the lordship of Jesus Christ; any who are his followers or want to learn more about what it means to be a disciple are welcome to join our worship services. Everyone who joins us is encouraged and challenged to broaden and deepen their faith as they continue in the journey God has them on.

The church is part of the broader association of the Evangelical Covenant Church; we also have respect for the work of God in various other Christian associations. We have affinity for the Christian Community Development Association and its founder, John Perkins, who has pioneered significant work in churches becoming agents of change in their communities.  We are associated with Servant Partners, a church-planting mission that focuses its work in slums internationally. We hope to always collaborate with others in the work of the kingdom locally and abroad.

Our Neighborhood

Our neighborhood struggles with the same issues as many urban communities – violence, drug and alcohol addiction, failing schools, broken families…the list goes on. Our hope and prayer is that in our worship of God, kingdom transformation will come as it has to many other neighborhoods. We value change that comes within each of us, in the lives of our neighbors, and in our community as a whole.

As a multiethnic church, we practice love and reconciliation across cultural and linguistic barriers. In each facet of the church, we train people to engage cross-culturally and promote intercultural integrity. Though multiethnic fellowship/worship presents challenges at times, it is an essential element of what it means to be the church in this place.

We are also hopeful of God transforming this community to be more like his kingdom. Though God has been at work here since long before any of us were even born and could certainly continue what he has begun without us, we value participating in his work for the betterment of this particular neighborhood and the people who live here.  As we have sought community transformation, God has led us into various ministries that meet needs of local community members and enhance the quality of life experienced by residents in our neighborhood (for example, the closing of liquor stores, painting murals, tree planting, academic tutoring, English classes, block clubs, etc.). We hope in the fullest sense that this will be a neighborhood where children can play in the streets and every family will be helped and know the blessing and presence of God.

Our Mission

Vision Statement
Church of the Redeemer is a multi-cultural family of faith, in the community, for the community.

Mission Statement
To invite every member of our diverse local community into a spiritual family that is:


Our Commitments

Members of the Church of the Redeemer community commit our hearts, our hands and our wills to:

For more information on the Evangelical Covenant Church and its beliefs, please visit their website.

Sunday Worship

Church of the Redeemer gathers for worship as a congregation twice a week: on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. in the auditorium of John Mack Elementary School (3020 S. Catalina St.) and on Saturday evenings at 6 p.m. at the Adventures Ahead tutoring center (1438 W. Jefferson Blvd.). Services on Sunday are led by Pastor Kevin Blue and held predominantly in English. Saturday evening services are led by Pastor Carlos De La Roca and conducted in Spanish. Click here for directions.

Through musical worship, proclamation of the Word, tithing, prayer and fellowship, we enter into God’s presence each week. All are welcome to attend. Since we live in a multiethnic community and the congregation itself is quite diverse, our worship services encompass a variety of styles. Gospel and Latin American elements are incorporated into our musical worship.

On Sunday mornings, translation from English to Spanish is always available. We hope for Redeemer to be a welcoming place of worship for any and all in our community. Children’s church and youth church are also offered on Sunday mornings. These services are offered at the same time as our regular Sunday worship time and allow for children and youth to study the Bible through age-appropriate lessons and activities. Nursery care is also provided each Sunday for the youngest of our children.

There are many opportunities to serve in our worship services. The musical worship team, children’s church, youth church and nursery ministries are frequently looking for volunteers to use their gifts and abilities to serve. Additionally, several ministries work behind the scenes to ensure that our worship services can go as planned on Sunday and Saturday. The set-up team, audio/visual tech team and hospitality team make it possible for us to gather as we do on Sundays and Saturdays. If you are interested in serving in some capacity, please contact Pastor Kevin Blue and he will direct you to the relevant ministry leader.

Servicio de Adoración los Sábados

El servicio de los sábados es a las Tutorías Centro de aventuras Ahead, 1438 W. Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90007. El centro está ubicado en la calle Jefferson y Normandie. Se puede aparcar sólo en las calles; El estacionamiento es sólo para el restaurante. Para un mapa y bocetos haga clic en el siguiente mapa.

Pastoral Staff

Kevin Blue has been on the pastoral staff team at Church of the Redeemer since its beginning in 2003, and has served as lead pastor since the fall of 2008. Kevin grew up in Los Angeles, and began his involvement in ministry with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in the Los Angeles basin in 1987. Since then, he has also served nationally as a teacher, trainer, and consultant for various church and parachurch ministries. Much of this work has revolved around leadership development in the Church as well as economic and cultural concerns within the Church and in the world. He has authored two books: Faith on the Edge (co-authored) and Practical Justice, both published by InterVarsity Press. Kevin also serves as a senior staff member for Servant Partners, a missions agency committed to church planting and community transformation in urban poor communities. He is married to Jennifer Blue, and they have three children. 

Carlos De La Roca is from Guatemala, married with five children and three grandchildren. Carlos graduated from the preministerial program at the Centro Hispano de Estudios Teologicos (C.H.E.T.) in Bell Gardens, CA, and continues to study there for ongoing ministry training. Carlos's wish is to serve the Lord, and he does so by serving as our associate pastor and leading our Spanish-speaking congregation on Saturdays.

Jennifer Blue has been a member of Church of the Redeemer since its beginning in 2003 and joined the pastoral staff team as an Associate Pastor in the fall of 2012. She also serves on staff with the internships department of Servant Partners, a missions agency committed to church planting and community transformation in urban poor communities. Jennifer began her work in vocational ministry in 1998, when she joined the work of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, ministering to college students at Stanford University, the University of Southern California, and California State University at Los Angeles. As a mother of three she is busy trying to balance her life as a mother and as a minister!

Christal L. Green grew up in Los Angeles, California, and graduated from Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies in 2000. She continued her education at CSU Sacramento with a double emphasis in Small Group/Interpersonal & Intercultural/International Communication Studies. She discovered her passion for children’s ministry while working for summer programs at the Northeast YMCA in Sacramento & the Oakland Urban Project (now Bay Up) through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. After graduating in spring 2005, Christal earned post-graduate units in early childhood education and accepted a position as an After School Program Director for STAR Education, Inc., based in Culver City. While working at STAR was a wonderful experience, Christal had a longing to teach children in South L.A., focusing on their spiritual formation as well as their academic growth. She enrolled at Biola University’s Talbot School of Theology in the area of Christian Education, with an emphasis in Children’s Ministry, graduating in spring 2011. While studying at Talbot, Christal was introduced to Church of the Redeemer, and she immediately fell in love with the community. Christal began tutoring children at Redeemer Community Partnership's Adventures Ahead program and interned at the church prior to being hired as Director of Children’s Ministry in fall 2013. Christal’s passion is working with children, whether playing with young family friends or sharing the love of Jesus with students in King’s Kids. Her hobbies include playing softball, golf, swimming, writing and playing music, cooking, and spending time with family and friends. Christal became Redeemer's Children Pastor in 2016.

Grace Weng is a Southern California native who has served with Church of the Redeemer’s youth group since 2011. She joined the pastoral staff team in 2013 and currently serves as the young adult pastor; she also serves on the Sunday morning teaching team and the home fellowship leadership team. Grace oversees the spiritual development of youth and young adults in the community and she enjoys mentoring and developing young leaders. She also serves on staff with Servant Partners by receiving and training interns in mission and service through the youth ministry. Her desire is to see the youth and young adults of this neighborhood empowered to become mature women and men of God who will then nurture other leaders from the community. Grace is married to James Weng, who also serves with the youth ministry.